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Re: [joist-dev] RE: [helm-dev] Compile problems?

Author dlr
Full name Daniel Rall
Date 2000-11-09 09:50:20 PST
Message "Matola,Tod" wrote:
> Josh,
> As guest I receive a the following error msg from the command:
> cvs -d :pserver:guest@cvs.d​ublincore.org:/cvs co -r TIGRIS_WM_0_89_HACKED
> joist
> cvs server: User 'guest' cannot access
> cvs [server aborted]: no such tag TIGRIS_WM_0_89_HACKED
> And I know the tag TIGRIS_WM_0_89_HACKED does exist (I looked at the cvsweb
> and can see the tag).
> Is this functionality restricted for the guest account?
> Any advise would be great.

Do you mean to checked out the TIGRIS_WM_0_89_HACKED tagged version from
dublincore or tigris?

Daniel Rall <dlr at finemaltcoding dot com>

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