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Re: [helm-dev] database creation scripts

Author jrobbins9
Full name Jason Robbins
Date 2000-09-13 19:47:03 PDT
Message >Request is defined in joist/sql/org/joist/joist.sql -- but that file is
>never referenced in sandbox/INSTALL. Confusingly, most of the tables in
>that file are created by helm/sql/build_datab​ase.sql(.in):

Sorry, I started to do a refactoring and did not finish. It is
finished now (at least for joist and helm, I did not touch xchange).

>The following talbes are in joist.sql:
> Dual * not in build_database.sql

I have removed Dual. It does not seem to be referenced from any
source code.

>I'm of the opinion that these table definitions should be moved from helm
>into joist.


>I think some of the other tables in build_database.sql
>(PermissionExtent, at the least) should also be moved into joist.sql ...

I dont want to move PermissionExtent into there because I want to
replace it with the joist groups thing. Work on that starts tomorrow
or friday.

>I'm not sure about the particular data in the tables. Data is put into
>Permission, PermissionExtent, Role, RolePermission, and User; I'm guessing
>that at least some of this is helm-specific data, and at least some of it
>is general joist control data.

I think all the data needs to remain at the component level, not at
the framework level.

One difficulty that some one might be able to help me with is the
following: how to do you populate a join table from a .sql file?

The main tables like Role and Permission have autonumbered IDs, so a
sql statement to add a Role could look like:
insert into Role values ( null, 'Web Site Administrator');
that way each component can define its own, and we do not need to
agree on a numbering scheme ahead of time. But how do you populate
RolePermission from a sql file if you dont know the numbers that go
into the table? I would guess subselects, but mysql does not have

>However -- at the least, the Request table should be created as part of
>the sandbox/INSTALL document. The simplest way to do that would be to
>tell the user to run joist/sql/org/joist/joist.sql before running the helm
>sql files

Consider developers to be told. :)


Jason Robbins, Ph.D. CollabNet is hiring open source developers!
Chief Architect http://www.collab.net/careers/

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