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What is an instance anyway?

Author "Matola,Tod" <matola at oclc dot org>
Full name "Matola,Tod" <matola at oclc dot org>
Date 2000-11-20 08:00:35 PST
Message Hello,

  I would like to ask a question, what constitutes an instance (and/or a
definition of such an animal)? I see them referred to by the env.sh

# The module name for the instance
#INSTANCE=netbeans | sourcexchange | otnxchange | etc

and install doc [1],

"If you have access, you may want to checkout sourceXchange as well."

 but as guest I don't have access to such material. Maybe I have one and
can't see the forest for the trees...:-)
 I feel that I would like to create an instance for the projects I'm
employing helm/tigris system for, but before I approach my boss with such a
suggestion I was wondering if I could read/compare/contrast such a set of

Cheers Tod Matola...


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What is an instance anyway? "Matola,Tod" <matola at oclc dot org> "Matola,Tod" <matola at oclc dot org> 2000-11-20 08:00:35 PST
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