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Re: [helm-dev] compiler default

Author deploy
Full name Deployment Pseudo-user
Date 2000-12-14 14:54:20 PST
Message On Thu, 14 Dec 2000, Niels P. Mayer wrote:

> > i'd like to change the build-*.sh scripts so that jikes is the default
> > (if it can be found) rather than javac. if a user has gone to the
> > effort of installing jikes, it seems like we should default to using
> > that unless they've explicitly asked us not to.
> +1.
> I hit much confusion on this myself until i was told magickal incantations
> by either Lucas or Jrobbins.
> AFAIC, speedy development is pretty much impossible with javac -- it sucks
> in every possible way. It simply takes too long to recompile, uses too much
> memory, I/O is lagging... lengthy compile-edit-test cycles == death.

The main problem I see with the patch is that it makes the Ant shell
scripts have more intelligence than I think they should. I would much
rather just see the scripts continue to be brain-dead and leave it up to
the developer to realize what they need to do to use Jikes as the
compiler. You can put a .ant.properties file in your home dir which is
used by default or we could create a helm/joist properties file doing the
same thing.

Also, since the jikes rpm comes in the big tarball for getting a box ready
for Tigris, we could easily modify one of the .sh/.csh scripts to include
JIKES in the env.

Overall, I don't think what I've said necessarily warrants a -1 so I'll
stay +0 for now with the knowledge that this wouldn't be my first choice.


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Re: [helm-dev] compiler default deploy Deployment Pseudo-user 2000-12-14 14:54:20 PST
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