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Re: [joist-dev] CVS guest user issues

Author "Matola,Tod" <matola at oclc dot org>
Full name "Matola,Tod" <matola at oclc dot org>
Date 2000-11-09 10:59:24 PST
Message Ed,

> I was able to get TIGRIS_SEP_13_2000 (a branch I'm maintaining because
> we've got sites using it) -- and I don't know what the difference is.

Do you feel that we should be able to use TIGRIS_SEP_13_2000 instead of the
TIGRIS_WM_0_89_HACKED branch?

Or should we wait to hear about the guest access issues?

Cheers Tod...

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Re: [joist-dev] CVS guest user issues "Matola,Tod" <matola at oclc dot org> "Matola,Tod" <matola at oclc dot org> 2000-11-09 10:59:24 PST
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