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Re: [helm-dev] Re: [joist-dev] Re: [helm-dev] Re: [joist-dev] Inserting $Id$ into files

Author Manoj Kasichainula <manoj at collab dot net>
Full name Manoj Kasichainula <manoj at collab dot net>
Date 2000-10-04 16:57:25 PDT
Message On Wed, Oct 04, 2000 at 04:24:20PM -0700, Ed Korthof wrote:
> On Wed, 4 Oct 2000, Jon Stevens wrote:
> > I don't get *why* this is error prone and difficult though...
> >
> > #1. You know what class is the problem (you said "given class" above).
> >
> > #2. You know it must exist in one of two .jar's for which you know which one
> > it is.
> >
> > #3. You look at which .jar comes first in the classpath.
> >
> > Problem solved in 3 easy steps.
> #1 : This requires a shell login on the live machine. This is something
> to be avoided (in the long term, right now it's still needed)

Anything you do to fix the problem has to be done on a seperate
staging server anyway. So set up the staging environment in the first
place to look like the production envionment. Just like shell logins
for developers on production sites should be avoided, so should class
reordering and debugging.

Besides I really don't see where the massive confusion is. For any
given application, you have one jar with the base classes, and
potentially one other jar with overlay classes. The second jar always
comes first in the classpath. Where's the potential for massive

> #2 : I've no reason to believe that instanciations and applications will
> always have only one jar file.

Huh? Jon never claimed that everything was in a single jar file,

> #3 : Hitting a servlet w/ authentication to get this information is faster
> and simpler, and still less error-prone.

Adding extra things to code always makes it more error-prone, and code
to query things is code that can fail. All code is error-prone code,
and reducing the amount of code reduces the potential for errors. If
the manual task is error-prone, then maybe I see your point, but it
sure doesn't seem so to me.

> We're really not talking about that much additional time to do what lucas
> is talking about; at this point, we've probably spent more time arguing
> than it'd have taken.

We've also spent more time arguing then it would have taken to just
leave things the way they are. :)

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