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Re: [joist-dev] Re: [joist-cvs] CVS update: joist/java/org/joist/util FormCache.java

Author edk
Full name Ed Korthof
Date 2000-11-04 09:58:55 PST
Message On Sat, Nov 04, 2000 at 02:28:33AM -0800, David Pellegrini wrote:

> One reservation, though, about FormCache.override. It simply replaces
> the current request's form data with the saved request's form data.
> I'm wondering if there might not be something of value in the current
> request's form data that we want to retain. If yes, then we need to
> augment the current request's form data with form data from the saved
> context (or vice-versa).

Hey David --

Thanks for reviewing it. ;-)

I thought about using the current form parameters -- I actually started
out that way. But Jon suggested that I might not need the new
parameters, and I was unable to think of a situation which in they'd be
useful -- in fact, in all the situations I could think of, I did *not*
want to the new parameters, just the old ones. (A bit more code would
be required to check both the old and the new ParameterParsers.)

If there is a context in which the new parameters are important, then
I'll be happy to implement what I'd originally planned (effectively,

One last comment -- I'm not sure how cleanly this will work for classes
like HelmNoodle, which may currently need to check both context.get()
and context.get(Unsecure​dServlet.SAVED_CONTE​XT_KEY).get(). After
thinking about this a while, I realized it would probably make more
sense to provide get/set functions w/in UnsecureServlet which would take
care of this. If no one objects (or beats me to it ;), I'll do this.

thanks --

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