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[ANNOUNCE] Tigris 1.0.7 - 'Dirge'

Author deploy
Full name Deployment Pseudo-user
Date 2001-07-05 18:17:50 PDT
Message Tigris 1.0.7 - 'Dirge'
        'Fear is the element that unites all losers'

A new release of the Tigris suite of tools is available. Currently it
can be checked out of cvs using the TIGRIS_1_0_7 tag. Tarballs of the
release can be found here:


This release fixes many bugs, most listed below.

1) Fixed patch_permissions trying to chown files based on the use of

2) Issuezilla now shows the timezone in the date display

3) Various typos and grammatical errors fixed in templates

4) Addition of NNTP-specific scripts

5) Documentation update

6) Removal of ContentEncoding and TransferEncoding modules in HelmNoodle
which will allow compressed files to pass through without being expanded

7) Addition of eyebrowse lock which keeps multiple crons from running

8) Fixed files without extensions being treated as directories

9) Debug logs will no longer be cleared after a week

10) Stopped carrying the 'Connection: close' header across Noodle so
that folks behind forward proxys won't get 404's.

11) Provided support for stripping HTML up to and including <body ...>
and including after </body>. It is not turned on by default.

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[ANNOUNCE] Tigris 1.0.7 - 'Dirge' deploy Deployment Pseudo-user 2001-07-05 18:17:50 PDT
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