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Turbine JAR upgrade

Author dlr
Full name Daniel Rall
Date 2001-01-05 00:18:46 PST
Message The Turbine JAR file has been upgraded to the latest CVS to plug a
leak in the connection pool. The leak was plugged long ago in Turbine
CVS--we just had a bunk build. What this means to you as a developer
or user is that you need to upgrade your JAR file to the latest CVS
build, or grab a new releng RPM. Josh Lucas has upgraded sc-dev2, and
will be taking things from here with other shared develment boxen.

As a side note:
In the process of upgrading, Jon Stevens and I discovered a conflict
between some classes that existed in both Apache JServ and Turbine.
The Turbine versions of these classes were forked and had evolved a
bit. The problem was corrected by moving the classes to different
package within Turbine that is not used by JServ.

Daniel Rall <dlr at collab dot net>

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Turbine JAR upgrade dlr Daniel Rall 2001-01-05 00:18:46 PST
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