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Re: [joist-dev] Re: [joist-cvs] CVS update: joist/conf Makefile

Author edk
Full name Ed Korthof
Date 2000-12-05 18:25:39 PST
Message On Tue, Dec 05, 2000 at 09:04:00AM -0800, Daniel Rall wrote:
> Would it be possible to move this functionality into the Ant build scripts?
> edk at tigris dot org writes:
> > User: edk
> > Date: 00/12/04 23:11:53
> >
> > Modified: conf Makefile
> > Log:
> > create the servlets.d directory if it's not already there
> > 1.9 +3 -0 joist/conf/Makefile

the ant build scripts aren't yet used for conf file installation. we
could change that -- but it'd be more involved than just this. we could
make the ant build files do this and simply have the jar files installed
before the conf files -- but without explanation, that seems like it'd
be subject to breakage (and at least as ugly as this).

i'm happy to look into moving all the logic into ant, though that is a
bit more work.

thanks --

   | Ed Korthof | edk at collab dot net | 650-228-2527 |

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Re: [joist-dev] Re: [joist-cvs] CVS update: joist/conf Makefile edk Ed Korthof 2000-12-05 18:25:39 PST
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