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New and Updated RPM's

Author deploy
Full name Deployment Pseudo-user
Date 2000-11-17 17:32:10 PST
Message Just some FYI...

We have a new RPM for Cryptix which will be required after some commits
later tonight or tomorrow in helm. Daniel Rall will send an email after
the commits to alert you.

Also there are updated rpm's for Turbine and tigris-cvs-pserver. Turbine
is the most recent code from CVS which is needed for new code in Joist.
The pserver rpm adds a flag to the run script which will remove DNS
lookups which can slow the pserver down if the box doesn't reverse DNS.

The big tarball has been updated:


And you can find the individual files at:


As always, let me know if you have questions.


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New and Updated RPM's deploy Deployment Pseudo-user 2000-11-17 17:32:10 PST
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