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RE: [helm-dev] Compile problems?

Author "Matola,Tod" <matola at oclc dot org>
Full name "Matola,Tod" <matola at oclc dot org>
Date 2000-11-06 11:26:15 PST
Message > Hmm. Are you using the old WM rpm? That changed last week -- we
> stopped using a hacked up version of 0.89 and are now using
> stock 0.94.
> This error looks like it's related to that change.
The 10/24/00 tarball of rpms ships 1.1.8 and webmacro 0.89, so I think an
update of this is in order. I did a fresh install today (11/6/00).

Cheers Tod...

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RE: [helm-dev] Compile problems? "Matola,Tod" <matola at oclc dot org> "Matola,Tod" <matola at oclc dot org> 2000-11-06 11:26:15 PST
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