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Re: [helm-dev] Compile problems?

Author edk
Full name Ed Korthof
Date 2000-11-06 11:20:34 PST
Message First -- discussion of joist should go in joist-dev; I've cc'ed that
list. (I'd rather move the discussion, but I'm not sure if you're on
that list.)

On Mon, Nov 06, 2000 at 02:07:11PM -0500, Tod Matola wrote:
> Hello.
> With the latest set of rpms (10/24/2000) and the latest version of joist
> (cvs co -d :pserver:guest@cvs.t​igris.org:/cvs joist), I can't seem to
> get joist to compile. I was wondering if anyone else in countered this
> and might have a suggestion (BTW I was unsure if this is a helm or joist
> problem so I cross posted).
> It looks as tho some of the jar file are missing or incorrect. Here are
> the errors:
> Compiling 101 source files to /home/matola/work/sa​ndbox/joist/dest/cla​ss
> /home/matola/work/sa​ndbox/joist/java/org​/joist/security/Unse​cureServlet.java:52:​
> Class java.util.List not found in import.
> import java.util.List;

The basic problem is that we switched from using a 1.1 JVM to 1.2/1.3 --
there are a number of reasons for this (including turbine, which is
required by joist) ...

The switch was done last week. Yesterday, to deal with compile problems
relating to the fact that you could get List from either java.util or
com.sun.java.util.collections, I made sure that List was only imported
from the former.

Do we think joist will still work in a 1.1 environment? If so -- and if
there are people who need it to work in such an environmnent -- I can
look into changing things back so that it'll compile w/ 1.1 & the
collections API. The difficulty there is that w/ jikes, you can't
import List from two different places (via java.util.* and
com.sun.java.util.co​llections.*) and just go with that -- it complains
about the fact that the class is imported on demand from two places.
I'd guess this can be resolved, somehow or other, if need be ...

> /home/matola/work/sa​ndbox/joist/java/org​/joist/session/Sessi​onManager.java:57:
> Class org.webmacro.ContextException notfound in import.
> import org.webmacro.ContextException;
> ^
> /home/matola/work/sa​ndbox/joist/java/org​/joist/util/FormTool​.java:13:
> Interface org.joist.util.ContextTool of class org.joist.util.FormTool
> not found.
> public class FormTool implements ContextTool

Hmm. Are you using the old WM rpm? That changed last week -- we
stopped using a hacked up version of 0.89 and are now using stock 0.94.
This error looks like it's related to that change.

There is a tag for joist just before we changed it to use the more
recent WM (which is also before I took out reference to
com.sun.java.util.co​llections.List & so on) -- you might want to use
that tag instead of the head of the tree, if you don't want to have to
deal with these upgrades just now.

thanks --

   | Ed Korthof | edk at collab dot net | 650-228-2527 |

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