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Re: [sourcecast-dev] Tonight's Build BROKEN

Author edk
Full name Ed Korthof
Date 2000-10-21 17:31:29 PDT
Message On Sat, Oct 21, 2000 at 11:26:08AM -0700, Daniel L. Rall wrote:
> We now have build under javac (there was never a problem under jikes)!
> The problem was that jikes and javac handle initialization of final
> variables differently (I switched a few static final variables to just
> static). Most of the developers use jikes to compile, so we weren't
> experiencing this problem (though both Elicia and Ed did reported a
> couple cases of it, for some reason we weren't able to reproduce it at
> the time--standardization of the lower level Makefiles would help a lot
> with this). Thanks.

I was able to reproduce the problem reliably. However -- if you compile
a second time, the error goes away. That's right -- on the first
compile, with 118 files, it fails; on the second, with just 1, it works.

Looking at the code, I think javac is incorrect in throwing an error --
even more so because it will subsequently compile the file without

I described these issues on irc; but when I found that jikes doesn't
care, and javac only cares the first time around, I decided that I
didn't want to spend the time trying to figure out what javac's problem
(or bug) with that is, so I just started setting JIKES=yes.

It's quite ugly, but running make twice in helm will "solve" this, as
will using jikes.

cheers --

   | Ed Korthof | edk at collab dot net | 415-247-1690 |

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