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Re: [joist-dev] changes to regex dependancies

Author dlr
Full name Daniel Rall
Date 2000-10-21 10:25:12 PDT
Message ms, the patch looks great. A lot of the code that it touches may have
changed (EscapedString and UserManager, for instance), so you may want
to merge this in by hand to save yourself some pain (from CVS merges).
+1 on committing this ASAP.

p.s. Don't forget to change the wrapper.classpath entries!

Daniel Rall <dlr at finemaltcoding dot com>

Michael Salmon wrote:
> hi folks,
> a few days ago i made changes to joist that get rid of the old oroinc regexp
> package and replaced it with the newer jakarta-oro package.
> the only issues other then the patch to the code is how the code (.jar) is
> arranged now.
> As it is currently there is a badly named cj.jar we use normally located in
> /usr/lib/java that has 6 classes (roughly) in a package named "cj" and about
> 40 from the oroinc regexp package. Obviously someone thought it would be a
> good idea to hide the regexp package in that jar. What I did was rip cj.jar
> in functional halves, after repackaging all I had was cj-thin.jar which only
> has the cj classes. I checked dependancies and these classes use the cj stuff
> joist/java/org/joist​/admin/Broadcast.jav​a:import cj.util.Trace;
> joist/java/org/joist​/admin/SiteStatus.ja​va:import cj.util.Trace;
> joist/java/org/joist​/admin/TestURL.java:​import cj.util.Trace;
> joist/java/org/joist​/admin/TimingProfile​.java:import cj.util.Trace;
> joist/java/org/joist​/util/URL.java:impor​t cj.util.Trace;
> The new regexp package is attached as jakarta-oro.jar and is exactly what it
> says, the most recent regexp package from jakarta.apache.org.
> There are two changes that are not joist specific. 1 is in the
> jserv.properties for the sandbox. The two new jars need to be added to the
> wrapper.classpath and since there isnt a mechanism for each module to install
> edits on the file it needs to be done to jserv.properties.in
> wrapper.classpath=/u​sr/lib/java/jakarta-​oro-2.0.jar
> wrapper.classpath=/u​sr/lib/java/cj-thin.​jar
> The other is adding the two jars to user's CLASSPATH's from the mechanism
> used in /etc/profile.d.
> attached are the two new .jar's and the diff -ur of my joist versus a cleanly
> checked out version.
> sorry about this mess of a patch but i didnt want to just commit it without
> peer review.
> thanks, ms
> --------------------​--------------------​--------------------​------------
> Name: joist.patch
> joist.patch Type: text/english
> Encoding: base64
> Name: jakarta-oro-2.0.jar
> jakarta-oro-2.0.jar Type: Java Archive (application/java-archive)
> Encoding: base64
> Name: cj-thin.jar
> cj-thin.jar Type: Java Archive (application/java-archive)
> Encoding: base64

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