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database creation

Author dlr
Full name Daniel Rall
Date 2000-10-05 10:10:39 PDT
Message Hi guys, sorry for the cross post.

I'm writing this note to let you know that I've revamped the database
creation scripts. For Joist, you now simply run the
joist/scripts/create​_joist_database as a user who has MySQL database and
table creation permissions. This creates database user, database, and
schema. For Helm, you have to have a copy of the newhelm
repository--not yet publicly available--checked out into the sandbox,
with a symlink from helm to newhelm. Then, you can run
helm/scripts/create_​tigris_database. Note that this script sets up the
Joist database for you, so a Tigris installation need only run this one
script to create its database with all dependancies in place. The Helm
script also does a little bit of data population, so if you have initial
data for Tigris functionality, please have this script put it in place.


p.s. Please also note that the SQL in both these scripts appear to wipe
out any previous database you may have.

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database creation dlr Daniel Rall 2000-10-05 10:10:39 PDT
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