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database creation scripts

Author edk
Full name Ed Korthof
Date 2000-09-13 18:59:31 PDT
Message Hi --

I set up a sandbox by following the sandbox/INSTALL document; I
encountered one confusing problem along the way. Recently, changes to the
joist conf files turned on a property which causes each request to be
logged by the SessionManager class -- but that assumes that the Request
table is set up in the database.

Request is defined in joist/sql/org/joist/joist.sql -- but that file is
never referenced in sandbox/INSTALL. Confusingly, most of the tables in
that file are created by helm/sql/build_datab​ase.sql(.in):

The following talbes are in joist.sql:
    Dual * not in build_database.sql
    Request * not in build_database.sql

I'm of the opinion that these table definitions should be moved from helm
into joist. I think some of the other tables in build_database.sql
(PermissionExtent, at the least) should also be moved into joist.sql ...

I'm not sure about the particular data in the tables. Data is put into
Permission, PermissionExtent, Role, RolePermission, and User; I'm guessing
that at least some of this is helm-specific data, and at least some of it
is general joist control data.

However -- at the least, the Request table should be created as part of
the sandbox/INSTALL document. The simplest way to do that would be to
tell the user to run joist/sql/org/joist/joist.sql before running the helm
sql files -- and in any case, I think that should be done. However, I
think the duplicate definitions should be taken out of either one or the
other file ...

Dave -- I understand you've been making quite a few changes to sxc
recently. If you were planning on addressing this issue, I'd be
interested to know how you're doing so.

In any case, feedback would be useful. I'm not going to touch anything
just yet ... but I'd like to fix sandbox/INSTALL so it'll work again, as
soon as possible.

thanks --

   | Ed Korthof | edk at collab dot net | 415-247-1690 |

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