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Project highlights: Architectural Overview

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cvs commit: joist/www index.html basic_processing.html redirect_cancel.html servlet_hierarchy.html skeleton.html three_tier.html

Author commitlogger at hocus dot collab dot net
Full name commitlogger at hocus dot collab dot net
Date 2000-02-02 03:41:26 PST
Message davidp 00/02/02 03:41:26

  Modified: www index.html
  Removed: www basic_processing.html redirect_cancel.html
                        servlet_hierarchy.html skeleton.html
  Removed these files from the top-level directory. They are now part of the
  architectural overview document tree.
  Revision Changes Path
  1.2 +85 -19 joist/www/index.html
  Index: index.html
  RCS file: /home/tigrisc/joist/​www/index.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.1
  retrieving revision 1.2
  diff -u -r1.1 -r1.2
  --- index.html 2000/01/24 01:51:59 1.1
  +++ index.html 2000/02/02 11:41:26 1.2
  @@ -1,19 +1,85 @@
  -<TITLE>The sourceXchange Framework</TITLE>
  -<META name="description" content="">
  -<META name="keywords" content="">
  -<h1><div align="center">The SourceXchange Framework</div​></h1>
  -<p>The SourceXchange site is comprised of dozens of application servlets all sharing a common framework. The framework takes care of the common processing that happens for every request, thereby relieving the author of an application servlet from having to worry about them. Application authors can, instead, focus on the specific business functionality particular to the application.</p>
  -<p>The basic design follows a three-tier architecture. The UI component is separate from the business logic, which is distinct from the data storage. In broad strokes:
  -<ol type="1">
  - <li>The UI is implemented using WebMacro templates. WebMacro is an open-source templating engine developed for java servlets (more later).
  - <li>The business logic is implemented as java servlets and application specific business classes.
  - <li>The data storage is implemented in a MySQL relational database accessed via JDBC.
  -<p>The basic processing goes roughly as follows. A client request is routed to a servlet, which does some security checking, then performs the requested action. The servlet determines what will be displayed as a result of the request, then hands off to the WebMacro template engine to render the HTML, which is returned to the client.</p>
  -<A HREF="servlet_hierarchy.html" rel=next rev=prev>Next</a>
  +<TABLE BORDER="0" CELLPADDING="2" WIDTH="100%" ALIGN="center">
  + <TR>
  + <TD COLSPAN="2" WIDTH="100%" BGCOLOR="#f0f0f0" ALIGN="center"><IMG SRC="images/joist_logo.gif" WIDTH="165" HEIGHT="67" BORDER=0 ALT="Joist Project"></TD>
  + </TR>
  + <TR>
  + <TD COLSPAN="2" WIDTH="100%" BGCOLOR="#f0f0f0" ALIGN="right"><FONT FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><S​TRONG><I>ho​sted by tigris.org</I>​</STRONG></​FONT></TD>
  + </TR>
  + <TR>
  + <TD COLSPAN="2" WIDTH="100%" BGCOLOR="#CCCC99"><FONT COLOR="000033" FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><S​TRONG>Joist: Java Open Infrastructure of Servlets & Templates
  + </TR>
  + <TR>
  + <TD COLSPAN="2" WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="100" BGCOLOR="#f0f0f0">
  + <P>
  +The goal of the Joist project is to provide a platform for building web applications that handles the common housekeeping chores. These controls include:
  +Creation, deletion, and management of user accounts, including user
  +roles and permissions.
  +Creation, deletion, and managment of projects, and CVS modules under
  +those projects.
  +Configuration of hosted tools such as mailing lists, bug tracking
  +systems, automated build systems, source code browsing systems, etc.
  +Monitor the activity level and other metrics of the process and the
  +product being developed.
  +As it exisits today, Tigris is a combination of best-of-breed open
  +source development tools. These tools were never meant to work
  +together, and each must be installed and configured separately. Helm
  +addresses some of the configuration difficulties by providing a set of
  +administrative web pages.
  +In the future, Tigris's current best-of-breed tools will be replaced
  +with new and more powerful tools that are meant to work together in
  +meaningful ways. Also, many new tools will be added for project
  +management, knowledge management, build management, and other
  +functions. Helm will grow to configure all these tools in an
  +understandable way.
  + </TD>
  + </TR>
  + <TR>
  + <TD COLSPAN="2" WIDTH="100%" BGCOLOR="#CCCC99"><FONT COLOR="#000033" FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><S​TRONG>Project Status</STRONG​></FONT></T​D>
  + </TR>
  + <TR>
  + <TD COLSPAN="2" WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="100" BGCOLOR="#f0f0f0">
  + <UL>
  + <LI>CVS repository, mailing lists, and bugzilla are set up.</LI>
  + <LI>Code is checked into the repository.</LI>
  + <LI>An initial install script has been written.</LI>
  + </UL>
  + </TD>
  + </TR>
  + <TR>
  + <TD WIDTH="45%" BGCOLOR="#CCCC99"​><STRONG><F​ONT COLOR="#000033" FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">News​</FONT></STR​ONG></TD>
  + <TD WIDTH="45%" BGCOLOR="#CCCC99"​><STRONG><F​ONT COLOR="#000033" FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Upcoming Events</FONT>​</STRONG></T​D>
  + </TR>
  + <TR>
  + <TD WIDTH="50%" HEIGHT="100" VALIGN="top" BGCOLOR="#f0f0f0"><FONT SIZE="2">
  +01/30/00 -&nbsp;Joist open source project started
  +01/30/00 -&nbsp;Joist source code released
  + </TD>
  + <TD WIDTH="50%" HEIGHT="100" VALIGN="top" BGCOLOR="#f0f0f0">
  + <FONT SIZE="2">
  +02/02/00 -&nbsp;Joist to be demonstated at LinuxWorld
  + </TD>
  + </TR>

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cvs commit: joist/www index.html basic_processing.html redirect_cancel.html servlet_hierarchy.html skeleton.html three_tier.html commitlogger at hocus dot collab dot net commitlogger at hocus dot collab dot net 2000-02-02 03:41:26 PST
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