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Project highlights: Architectural Overview

The Joist Framework


The Joist Framework supports the development of web applications written in java. It builds on top of the Servlet API to provide the application-level services required for a secure, dynamic, database application. Such services include:

  • Session management
  • Database connection pooling
  • Permissions based security
  • Login and logout
  • Automatic login when accessing a secure form
  • Cookie and non-cookie session tracking
  • Template-based forms interface
  • Security and template-based layout for static pages
  • SSL forms encryption
  • Form data validation
  • Data layer resource cleanup
  • Consolidated logging
  • Housekeeping required for every request
By factoring out the services, Joist allows application developers to focus more on the business logic of the application and less on the "plumbing."

Joist also facilitates application development by implementing or exemplifying accepted design patterns.

  • Three-tier architecture
  • Relational data storage
  • Object-Oriented Design