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Project highlights: Architectural Overview

Joist CVS Access:

CVS Repository:

To access the CVS source code repository use the following CVSROOT:

You may also use the login "guest" with password "guest" to gain read-only CVS access. If you have been given write access to the CVS repository, then replace "guest@cvs.tigris.org" with your own login (e.g., "my_login@cvs.tigris.org") and use your own tigris user password.

The modules to checkout are:

  • joist: The whole project, including the project web pages
  • joist/java: Java source code for servlets and database access
  • joist/sql: SQL scripts for building and managing the database
  • joist/scripts: executable shell scripts
  • joist/conf: configuration files for jserv, zone properties, etc.
  • joist/www: the project web site (joist.tigris.org).

The way most people contribute changes is to email a "patch" to one of the "code captains" (or "module owners"). These are developers who are responsible for certain sections of the code (called modules). There is a list of code captains here. Once a code captain sees your contribibution, he or she will review it and integrate it into the source code repository.

For more information on using CVS, documentation, and CVS clients, click on the "tools" menu at left and select the "source/CVS" option. Or, click here.